Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Side Note

I don't think I actually mentioned this in my first post but this is the first blog I've ever written, (besides an Art blog in high school.) With that being said, I'm not used to writing about my thoughts and personal life. I have gotten some mean feedback, some good feedback, and some constructive criticism. I was told that the stuff I was writing about was a little too heavy. I apologize, I'm not trying to make people sad, in fact, that is the opposite of what I'm trying to do. I definitely took that into consideration, edited my last post and will keep it in mind for future ones.

What I'm trying to accomplish here is not so much entertainment, but more along the lines of food for thought and a way to relate to people who are dealing with similar circumstances. Hopefully that will become more apparent as I continue to write and figure this whole thing out.

Because of that feedback, I'm no longer going to be writing about my experiences with anxiety/depression, but instead am going to try to keep this completely positive and inspirational to the best of my abilities from here on out. However, if you want to contact me about that, I will always reply!

To keep it short and simple-- be patient with me as I learn the ups and downs of blogging, and I will definitely take any polite constructive criticism or questions into heart!

Thanks :)


  1. Whoever told you not to write about "heavy" stuff was an idiot. This is your blog, your life, your journey, so write what you want. You're trying to reach out to incurably UNhappy people, aren't you? Don't just show them the phoenix, show them the ashes you rose up from. Say what you need to say - and take criticisms into account, to be sure, but never too seriously. Not even mine. (I saw the hate that someone posted on your other url, by the way. It wasn't even good hate. Unimaginative and, reassuringly, baseless.) Keep writing, girl. This can be as therapeutic for you as you would like it to be for someone else, but only if you allow it to be - although I'm sure you already know that. Sorry if this pep talk is unsolicited. Sending positive vibes your way nevertheless.

    1. Thanks! I really appreciate the reassuring feedback :)